The Why Behind Changing Business Direction

Many of you know that I own a company called Straits Canopy. I started off creating gift items to give from Singapore that allowed individuals to tell their own migration story while gifting. I always felt there needed to be something unique to gift if you were not originally from Singapore.   The initial collection was... Continue Reading →


You Forget It All Starts with Nature

In doing this photoshoot for Odette, we decided to take Chef Julien Royer, outside, to where it all starts with food. We are so used to seeing chefs in the kitchen that we thought the often unspoken symmetry between nature and the kitchen would be a good way to remember exactly where a great dish starts.


I had a beautiful family shoot this afternoon. And I was grateful. Not only do I love photography but I am deeply touched that people choose me to photograph them on special occasions. My shoot this afternoon was to capture some memories for a two year old as her cousins were permanently migrating overseas. Families... Continue Reading →

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