A Photographer and The Light

I have just returned from an amazing trip ‘home’. I am not really sure where home is these days but perhaps I am one of the lucky few that feel at home in many different cities. There is something that ties me to each one, and for Australia, as a photographer, it might be the land itself.


I have barely spent any time in Victoria being from Sydney and for the first time I got to spend a week there and take it in slowly. Why do Victorian’s feel so strongly about their state? It had baffled me but now that there are some years and countries between our ingrained Sydney and Melbourne rivalry, I was able to see what everyone was talking about.

The streets are wide and tree lined in Melbourne and reminiscent of one of the things I love about Singapore. Growing up, we would drive through one of my favourite streets and it was lined with giant majestic trees. Big solid trunks and branches full of leaves that the light would filter through. Each day I would press myself against the car window to see this street and I would hope and wish that one day I would get to live on a street just like that.


The weather was beautiful in autumn and I was able to see Melbourne in all her sunlit glory. A huge highlight for me was being able to venture into the backyard and pluck sun ripened apples and peaches straight from the tree and eat them. Organic, sweet and juicy – I had not tasted a peach straight from the tree in ten years and all of a sudden my appreciation of that simple experience heightened everything I would take in for the rest of the trip.

I looked up every day mesmeriezed by the sky in Australia  – so blue and wide with fluffy rolling clouds that go on forever. There are big open spaces of land and scrubby gum trees, long sea grass, wattle and clean, crisp chilly air to breathe in. The magical thing to me was the light, there was such clarity to it. I could basically reach out and touch it. Different times of day saw the light change dramatically and I watched with delight.


I spend a lot of time looking at the light in different countries.  You may think ‘same sun same light’ but the light hits differently on each location on earth and there is a crispness to it in Melbourne that I adored.


I hope you enjoy these few images from my trip. The simple, everyday things can sometimes be overlooked but if you stop and slow down to even look at the light for a minute – you will see that life really is beautiful.

IMG_4328-2 copyPhotographer Yarra Valley




Point Yamu in Phuket

I recently went on a work trip to Phuket for the Honeycombers. What an amazing work trip it was!! My destination – Point Yamu, the newest addition to the world of COMO.  The trip was extraordinary as Point Yamu is in a league of its own. Being a ‘visual buff’ I was delighted at the design of the hotel. The intricate details they had thought of were amazing and the flow of the whole resort its self was superbly seamless.

People have commented on it appearing stark compared to other resorts but those people obviously missed all the beautiful nuances and detail that come alive as the light changes throughout the day. Each shift of light showcased a design detail unseen before.

The hand made wall and furniture are all from Navone's limitless imagination.

The hand made wall and furniture are all from Navone’s limitless imagination.

Point Yamu

The beautiful Thai trays and the comfy couches in the foyer where you can watch the bay.

I was given a private tour of the resort by the general manager, James Low, who described to me the way that the resort was created. The flagship of Point Yamu is that the creative genius Paola Navone has her design flair all over the resort. She was able to take the time to create what you see at Point Yamu and you can see the beauty in nature and the feminine restraint that has gone into various areas of the hotel. Modern yet warm,  Navone has been able to blend Europe and Thailand in a way that I have never seen before.


A sentimental story that was shared with me by James was that as the Italian Navone visited the artisans who were creating the intricate fittings it suddenly became clear that she could not speak Thai, the artisans could not speak English or Italian – how were instructions to be given?!?  I was told communication barriers were leapt over through Navone’s warmth whereby she would show her joy and exuberance for their work with big smiles and hand clapping to show her enthusiasm. The artisans were more than delighted and they were able to complete the amazing walls and detail at Point Yamu with joy.

The beautiful gold leaf wall and giant goldfish.

The beautiful gold leaf wall and giant goldfish.

Nhammya the Thai restaurant at Point Yamu serves amazing food and the venue is modern. Here Navone instructed the workers to gold leaf a magnificent wall and when they did it painstakingly symmetrical she disagreed and showed them how – it had to look organic and what better way than to get your hands dirty slap it on the walls and sing while you are doing it! The artisans were again thrilled with this manner of doing things and the giant gold fish and the placement of the wall thrill you as you turn a corner. Just beautiful. 


Each room at the resort has the most stunning blues incorporate into it. Each having a different tone of blue to complement the ocean outside the windows. The blues, whites and greys somehow remind you of Greece yet blends so well with the waters of Thailand . Each bathroom is fitted out for a queen and I love the gorgeous rain shower and the huge tub. Each bathroom comes with signature products from the COMO Shambala spa as well so you feel truly pampered – I sure did.

The beautiful blue tiles of the bathrooms and the amazing tub I soaked in. Bliss.

The beautiful blue tiles of the bathrooms and the amazing tub I soaked in. Bliss.

The other highlights of the resort of course were the 100m pool as well as the La Sirena – the Italian restaurant. Each morning I would stare at the beautiful cutlery in my hand. Each spoon, fork and plate is designed by Navone as well and is just stunning! I wish I could have bought some so I could use it for my breakfast everyday and relive a little of Point Yamu.

What a huge feat to design such a hotel which flows so well. The longer I spent at the hotel the more I appreciated the thought that had gone into the design. I am often a woman for a woman but Paola Navone really has done an outstanding job. Point Yamu is modern and crisp with a softness and eye for intricacies  that comes from a women.


Thank you to the Honeycombers for sending me. You can always count on the Honeycombers for the best information in Singapore. Whenever you are in a bind just look it up on the site – I guarantee you will find something that helps you out.

Head to Point Yamu if you get a chance – the design, the food, the amazing detail will make you as happy as it did me.

Here are some images of what caught my eye. Enjoy!

These two lovely ladies sit atop a coffee table installation in the foyer.

These two lovely ladies sit atop a coffee table installation in the foyer.

Stunning private dining room which Navone designed. The walls are lined with flickering candles which reflect off the thousands of hand placed mirrored tiles lining the walls.

Stunning private dining room which Navone designed. The walls are lined with flickering candles which reflect off the thousands of hand placed mirrored tiles lining the walls.

The stunning 100m pool at Point Yamu

Breeze in the afternoon.

Breeze in the afternoon.

Foyer by Night

Foyer by Night