Fab Women

Show People the Real You

There are so many social media platforms these days and so many options to buy from! It can be overwhelming but when you Google, it is an article with great imagery that is often the one you connect with. One that is real, inspiring and inviting.


Pictures will appeal to various people for different reasons but the one consistency is that a well lit ‘real’ picture will engage your audience more. 60% of end users are more likely to engage with your business when you use pictures.

The power of the market is in your hands by combining authenticity with real imagery. Show people who you really are, what you stand for and why they should be doing business with you instead of your competitor.


Humans like a good story and there is nothing more compelling than telling your brands visual story through a series of images. Planning your shoots with foresight to create a story will see your clients engage more and get to know you better. It’s a win-win situation for building long term relationships.




I have been shooting some Honeys for The Honeycombers. I LOVE doing these intimate sessions as they really are up close and personal. I was lucky enough to shoot stylist Innika Choo of No Faux Pas and furniture guru, Geri Murphy of Originals.


You can see the articles here. First up Innika and followed by Geri (please click on the link). They are both gorgeous on the inside and out and to seal the deal – interesting as well! The articles are a great read.


The way I shoot each Hello Honey piece is different as I want the tone to fit in with their personality. Is there a tone you would like to be seen in? Are you vibrant, homely, classic or pop-arty? These are all tones and feels that I take into consideration when photographing people.


Am I having fun? You bet!