Choosing the Right Photography Location For Your Client When You Don’t Have Time to Fly to France

Choosing the right location for a photo shoot is so important for your client and the message you want to help them create.

A big part of the shoots I do is spent in pre-production before I even think about picking up the camera.

What does my clients business stand for? What are THEIR key values and brand promises?

It is really important to have conversations and get to know who you photograph. Visual branding is coupled with brand strategy and often times you have to do the translation for your client using your camera and your skills! What I have learnt over the years about different industries has been awesome! Details upon details that I never knew.

I spend a lot of time scouting locations out before a shoot. In my previous post It All Starts Outside I had to find the right spot that was reminiscent of the countryside in France – hard to do in Singapore!

So off I went looking far off the beaten track for what would work for the overall shoot.

You can see the varied options I came up with here.


I had to think about forests and picket fences and country sides. Do they want to seem like they are in Scandinavia?



In presenting to the client you talk more and show them the options and delve further into what they want their brand to look like and feel like. You can then both decide on the location.


Its actually a big task but if you love being outside, one you can really enjoy. Before I head out I always thinks to myself “I’m going on a little adventure to see what I can see”. It makes it fun and the possibilities are endless!!



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