Month: June 2013


I had a beautiful family shoot this afternoon. And I was grateful. Not only do I love photography but I am deeply touched that people choose me to photograph them on special occasions. My shoot this afternoon was to capture some memories for a two year old as her cousins were permanently migrating overseas.

Families often come to me to capture their last few months in Singapore and to me this is a special request.They want to capture the fun they have had here, the births of one or more children and the extraordinary experience they have had. The photos I take commemorate the life they had here and are memories that will be ‘looked at’ when the move home.

After my shoot finished today, I took a moment to sit in the botanical gardens, look at the golden light and feel truly thankful to all the people who have chosen me to photograph them. If any of you are reading this – thank you – I am so blessed to be able to meet and photograph many of you and treasure the friendships that have evolved over time.

What I try and do for you in a photo shoot means the world to me and I hope to always get better and deliver images that will delight you now and in years to come.


The sky is missing!

The unexpected haze in Singapore due to the burning of land in Sumatra has caused the sky to go missing! I can’t see very much at the moment so it has put a damper on all the outdoor  photography that was planned.

I’m keeping a watery eye on the haze outside but will be re-scheduling some shoots for health reasons.  Health warnings suggest that all people should stay inside because of the air quality.

Thinking of everyone and hoping for some rain! I miss blue skies.


I have been shooting some Honeys for The Honeycombers. I LOVE doing these intimate sessions as they really are up close and personal. I was lucky enough to shoot stylist Innika Choo of No Faux Pas and furniture guru, Geri Murphy of Originals.


You can see the articles here. First up Innika and followed by Geri (please click on the link). They are both gorgeous on the inside and out and to seal the deal – interesting as well! The articles are a great read.


The way I shoot each Hello Honey piece is different as I want the tone to fit in with their personality. Is there a tone you would like to be seen in? Are you vibrant, homely, classic or pop-arty? These are all tones and feels that I take into consideration when photographing people.


Am I having fun? You bet!