Cosmopolitan’s Fearless Men

These are some of the fearless men who I shot for Cosmopolitan Magazine Singapore. They were featured in September 2012's issue. This is my personal black and white edit which I only just got around to doing, months later! I say better late than never. I have shot Bobby Tonelli and George Young before so... Continue Reading →


I am re-blogging this as it seems the ‘Love Happy’ shoots will be happening more frequently. Details will be coming soon.

Suasti Lye Lifestyle Photography Singapore

February has become the month of ‘Love’. I think that love comes in all forms. I was lucky enough to get to photograph these two best friends. Best friends. There is something so special in that title. I don’t know anyone who hasn’t felt completely honored to have it bestowed upon them. This shoot was just plain fun!

During the shoot we worked out that these two lovelies had been best friends for nearly twenty years.  Twenty!

I asked if they remembered fighting about anything growing up. The answer was a simple no. What could you fight about when you are 6 anyway? I like pink and I want you to like pink too! Stomp! Huff!

Our whole shoot was a session of fun, remembering old times and even remembering old, read bad, outfits!

Here’s to another twenty years of friendship! Thank you for a great shoot you two besties…

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I got to tour the Hermès Boutique and the Singapore Tyler Print Institute yesterday. The scarves that were exhibited were gorgeous but the way that they conveyed the story behind the scarves really got me excited. The process and the ideology behind the photographic art that inspired the editions. The Hermes Editèur collection of items... Continue Reading →

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