Whose Eyes? Mama’s Eyes

Suasti Lye

Mama’s Eyes

Where did I come from? Who’s eyes do I have? Who do I look like? My Mum or Dad?  Everyone wonders these questions. This shoot captured that this little pumpkin truly has her mother’s eyes.

Time goes by so fast  and when she is a ‘big girl’ six she will hardly believe that she used to be this little. She will be curious about what she sounded like, how she acted and what she looked like. Having  a photo session like this gives such a good reference point to talk about the past. It always amazes me that there can be traces of ancestral history all over a child’s features. Perhaps her grandmother’s chin, her father’s face shape and so forth. It is  like a beautiful map of people and time combined into a tiny little person who is adored

When she is sixteen, then twenty-five and when she has children of her own, these are the photos she is likely to treasure. A snapshot in time of a beautiful baby girl, treasured and loved and who has beautiful eyes, just like her Mama.

Suasti Lye

Baby Girl


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