The Why Behind Changing Business Direction

Many of you know that I own a company called Straits Canopy. I started off creating gift items to give from Singapore that allowed individuals to tell their own migration story while gifting. I always felt there needed to be something unique to gift if you were not originally from Singapore.   The initial collection was... Continue Reading →


Choosing the Right Photography Location For Your Client When You Don’t Have Time to Fly to France

Choosing the right location for a photo shoot is so important for your client and the message you want to help them create. A big part of the shoots I do is spent in pre-production before I even think about picking up the camera. What does my clients business stand for? What are THEIR key... Continue Reading →

Choose Beautiful. Which one would you walk through?

The latest Dove Real Beauty campaign #ChooseBeautiful has come out and it is one that makes you think twice. The video which you can see above shows two doors that women must walk through to get to their every day destination. One door is labeled Average and the other Beautiful. As you watch you see... Continue Reading →

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